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9 Measures for Coaching Phone Center Agents

The phone report method is, in my view, just one of the best methods to coaching agent telephone calls and making sure quality. Here’s a 9-phase program for efficiently coaching connect with centre agent cell phone calls:

1. Randomly record 2 -3 phone calls. Random recording is important. Do not history 3 calls back again to back or on the similar working day, as your employee might be acquiring a lousy working day and this may perhaps be reflected in all of one particular afternoon’s calls, but is not automatically reflective of their common overall performance.

2. Review the calls and observe strengths and possibilities. Prior to conference with your personnel, hear to the phone calls and observe what they did very well and establish 1 -2 opportunities for effectiveness enhancement.

3. Play 1 tape and allow your worker listen. During the playing of the tape, you do not want to react.

4. Have your employee react to the tape. Following the tape is performed, ask your employee to react. Most personnel will be extremely self-essential. Your staff will probable take note lots of opportunities for advancement and struggle to articulate what they have carried out very well.

5. Coach the phone. Use the “sandwich” solution. Notify your personnel what s/he did properly, adopted by constructive responses, and then conclude with beneficial feedback. When providing constructive feed-back, share only 1 chance for advancement. The employee has most likely noticed and mentioned numerous advancement alternatives so there is no require to convey these up once again Try out to point out 1 thin g the worker did not carry up and give this as your constructive comments.

6. Acquire motivation for performance enhancement. Check with the employee, “What specific ways will you consider more than the future 5 times to boost in this space?” Publish down what the worker states and repeat it to her. Summarize the session by reiterating strengths and supplying a vote of self-confidence that she can make improvements to in the identified region.

7. Repeat measures 2 – 6 with a second and probably third tape if vital. The level of various recording is that an personnel could answer defensively stating that was just a “undesirable” connect with. If that is the reaction, you may perhaps pick to critique a next or 3rd tape.

8. Stick to-up right before the future agent coaching session. Check out with your personnel in between coaching periods to maintain the determination top of thoughts. You can touch base with your worker by means of e mail or a own conversation.

9. Explore enhancement in upcoming coaching session. In advance of listening to phone calls in the future coaching session, talk to your staff how she’s progressing toward the target of the final session. Glimpse for enhancement on calls reviewed in this session.

This 9-action call center agent coaching design is uncomplicated, apparent and it the two praises workers and presents support for enhancement chances.

When you observe this 9-stage approach, you will established distinct functionality anticipations, mentor properly and regularly and at the very same time you will be motivating your staff members.