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All Hunter Runes & Locations You Can Find In WOW Classic SOD Phase 2

With the launch of WOW Classic SOD Phase 2, players will have more runes to find and enhance their characters while defeating new enemies or completing difficult quests. In this guide, we’ll take a look at all the runes available to Hunter.

Melee Specialist Rune

Melee Specialist is an important Rune for Hunter in WOW Season of Discovery, and can be tried for melee rather than ranged builds. Like a Rune of Lone Wolf in Phase 1, Melee Specialist is a passive skill that can completely change your play style.

This rune reduces Raptor Strike’s cooldown to three seconds and causes the attack to occur immediately. Also, Mongoose Bite’s cooldown has been completely eliminated, and Raptor Strike now has a 30% chance to skip its cooldown entirely.

This is a must-get for anyone looking to try out a melee-focused Hunter build, as it buffs your two best melee abilities.

This Rune requires a lot of travel and teamwork to get. If you are looking for a Melee Specialist, it is crucial to buy WOW SOD Gold to upgrade your teleportation skills.

First, you need to travel to Deadwind Pass and talk to Dalaran Agent to get Ariden’s Sigil.

You’ll need to equip Ariden’s Sigil and use the trinket to defeat the seven Dark Rider Elites. If you see Dark Presence buff, it means you are close to Dark Knight. Another player on your team can also equip and use Ariden’s Sigil, allowing you to complete this action with your team.

WOW Classic SOD Melee Specialist Rune

Dark Rider is a level 41 elite creature that is difficult to kill, even for a party of five. In order to take out one of these groups, I highly recommend working in a group of ten and investing more SOD Gold to buy some premium gear. Given that Phase 2 has many, many runes you need to find Dark Rider, it’s definitely worth it.

Dark Rider will drop Dalaran Relics when it dies, and you need to collect these Relics to finally return to Dalaran Agent. This means you’ll need to scour all seven areas to find these tricky mini-bosses. These seven Dark Riders are located in:

  • Deadwind Pass
  • Duskwood
  • Swamp of Sorrows
  • Arathi Highlands
  • Badlands
  • The Barrens
  • Desolace

Once you have obtained them all, you must return to Dalaran Agent and return all Dalaran Relics to receive Melee Specialist Rune as a reward.

New Runes for All 9 Playable Classes

Trap Launcher Rune

Trap Launcher is one of the most convenient runes introduced in SOD Phase 2. This Hunter Rune lets you cast traps up to 35 yards away, rather than just placing them on the ground in front of you. Also, it will let your Fire and Frost Traps separate their cooldowns, making it easier to cast different types of traps even in combat.

Getting Trap Launcher requires you to be at least level 30, and it’s relatively complicated. You’ll need to travel across multiple continents, plus possibly defeat some tough enemies. However, you would better buy SOD Gold in advance can make your exploration journey smoother.

Where to Find the Trap Launcher Rune in Season of Discovery (SoD) - Warcraft Tavern

To obtain this rune, you need to go to Desolace to complete Highway Robbery Quest, located northwest of Kodo Graveyard. Then approach Kormek’s Hut and give the quest to Bibbly F’utzbuckle so you can pick up On the Lam Quest.

Then head to Booty Bay Inn, talk to Tokal and buy her Cherry Grog so you can complete No Honor Among Thieves Quest.

Go to Arathi Highlands, interact with the rowboat under the bridge near coordinates [53, 92] and teleport to the east coast. Then talk to Illari Duskfeather and defeat her, grab the dropped bag and get Illari’s Key. Open the nearby chest to loot Trap Launcher Rune.

Steady Shot Rune

Steady Shot Rune deals 60% ranged weapon damage and has a cast time of 1.5 seconds.

While Hunter was already one of the most powerful classes in Phase 1, many complained that their rotation felt incomplete without Steady Shot. 

To get Steady Shot Rune and more WoW Classic SOD Gold, you need to kill and loot Needletooth. This is a level 35 creature that you can easily kill alone.

You can find Needletooth in the pond in Witherbark Village in Arathi Highlands. It’s a hard place to miss, as it’s a huge pond, but Needletooth is the only creature swimming there.

Where to Find the Steady Shot Rune in Season of Discovery (SoD) - Warcraft Tavern

Invigoration Rune

Invigoration is a Hunter Boots Rune. This is an especially powerful rune for Hunters since most of their DPS comes from pet damage.

With Invigoration activated, 5% of maximum mana will be restored whenever your Hunter pet takes any critical hit. Managing the mana drain is a challenge for many spellcasters, but Invigoration Rune can help you alleviate this problem.

To obtain Invigoration Rune, you need to first enter Swamp of Sorrows and talk to NPC Amaryllis Webb. For 50 Silver you can purchase Entomology Started Kit and get the included net.

Next, you must travel to three different locations and use the net you purchased to catch any bugs. The three locations are:

  • Northfold Manor in Arathi Highlands
  • Kodo Graveyard in Desolace
  • Lake Nazferiti in Strangthorn Vale

Once you have collected all three bugs, return to Amaryllis Webb, turn them in and receive Invigoration Rune.

Where to Find the Invigoration Rune in Season of Discovery (SoD) - Warcraft Tavern

Dual Wield Specialization Rune

Dual Wield Specialization in Season of Discovery Phase 2 allows Hunter to use two one-handed melee weapons at the same time. If you find yourself frequently stuck in melee combat as you level up, you’ll definitely want Dual Wield Specialization Rune.

In order to get Hunter’s Dual Wield Specialization, you need to enter coordinates [32, 14] near Stranglethorn Vale, just south of Nesingwary Base Camp.

In this area, you’ll get a debuff called “Danger!” Getting this debuff will let you know you’re in the absolute right spot and ready to move forward.

Once you get this debuff, cast Flare spell on the ground to summon Bloodscalp Guerrilla. Since Flare is required to produce the creature required for this rune, and Flare is a level 32 spell, it goes without saying that you must be at least level 32 to obtain this rune.

Bloodscalp Guerrilla is a level 34 melee monster. Killing and looting them will give you a chance to get Dual Wield Specialization. This rune can be engraved in your Hunter Boots inventory.

WOW Classic SOD Dual Wield Specialization Rune

Expose Weakness Rune

When Expose Weakness Rune is activated, your melee and ranged critical hits will increase your attack power and current agility by 40% for 7 seconds.

To find Expose Weakness, you need to kill Dustbelcher Ogre in Badlands until you get Primitive Drawing drop. This leads to Terror of the Desert Skies Quest, which can be given to Hemet Nesingwary in Stranglethorn Vale to obtain a cage and use it to capture any critters.

Return to Badlands and head to the southwest of the area to find a gigantic bird’s nest at coordinates [22, 67]. Use the critter as bait to lure the level 40 bird Gharrik. Kill Gharrik and loot Crimson Trophy Quill, return it to Hemet Nesingwary to get Expose Weakness Rune.

WOW Classic SOD Expose Weakness Rune

These are all the available Hunter runes you can get in WOW Classic SOD Phase 2. Obtaining these powerful runes will make them more viable for both melee and ranged DPS specs.

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