Be skeptical when buying shopping online marketplaces

Theresa "Tess" Bennett

By now, we’ve all heard of the risks that come with purchasing items on Craigslist. And I’ve aired my grievances about issues that can come with Facebook Marketplace.

But last week, I was almost duped by a vendor on one website I held to the highest accord, what I saw as the golden child of all online marketplaces: Etsy.

Etsy Logo

It all started with Pinterest, as a majority of my home design stories do. I was browsing for nursery inspiration when I came across a whimsical wall mural: a colorful watercolor image of bunnies in a woodland, mushroom-filled setting. It was unique, charming and had the perfect color scheme.

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The mural, which was sold on Etsy, quickly became the focal point of my entire nursery. I planned the whole room around it — the wall colors, the area rug, the cute little woodland characters I wanted to place throughout. I even found a floor lamp made out of a tree branch to fit the theme.