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Coach Dudley takes flight with Falcon Blue Pool Service | Business

Willie Dudley, better known to most as Coach Dudley, retired from teaching this past year. He’s not the kind of guy to just sit around and do nothing, though, so he immediately transitioned into his new trade and began learning the ropes of the pool cleaning business.

Heading into 2022, he said he’s ready to strike out on his own, officially launching Coach Dudley’s Falcon Blue Pool Service.

“I retired from education on June 4 of this year and, on June 7, I started working in the pool business,” Dudley said.

Dudley worked in education for more than 30 years, most recently serving as athletic director for Fountain Hills Unified School District and an AVID educator at the high school.

“I loved it,” Dudley said. “There wasn’t a day where I felt like I was going to work.”

Dudley said he was planning to retire in a few years anyway but, once the pandemic hit, he took it as an opportunity to shift gears a little earlier than planned.

“When COVID hit in March 2020, I started thinking about the fact that I needed to do something when I retired,” he said. “I spoke to a friend who was a teacher at Marana High School, who then went on to become a police officer and then opened a pool cleaning business down in Tucson.”

Dudley said he called his friend and asked him to, “talk me out of becoming a pool guy when I retire.” His friend, though, went the other direction.

“He said he couldn’t do that,” Dudley said. “He said it’s a good deal and that he loved it.”

That was the final push Dudley needed to make the change in his life. On top of his pal in Tucson, his network of support includes a neighbor who works in the pool industry and Wesley Davenport, owner of Top Notch Pools.

“Wes gave me about 30 pools to clean, starting last June,” Dudley said. “It’s been great, having all these guys guide me and teach me and get me ready.”

Dudley said he’s loved working for and learning from Wes over the months, as the pool cleaning business is a far cry from the stacks of emails, phone call and people he had to juggle on a daily basis through his career in education.

“Now I work with only a couple people a day, and I love it,” Dudley said. “I go in, I do the work, I’m never in a big hurry and there’s some nice solitude to enjoy.

“I’ve had a lot of guys in Fountain Hills who are helping me get started, and I really appreciate that. Now I’m ready to start taking on my own clients.”

Coach Dudley’s Falcon Blue Pool Service, named in honor of his school spirit for FHUSD, offers weekly service with monthly billing and no contracts.

“I clean the pools, do the chemicals, empty the baskets, change out motors and filters, clean filters and things like that,” Dudley said. “All of the basic pool servicing for people who don’t want to do it themselves.”

Dudley said he’s a hard worker, which works out well since he enjoys his new career so much.

“I’m a get up and go to work guy,” Dudley said. “I’ve been doing that forever. Whether it’s being an athletic director or cleaning your pool, I get the job done.”

Coach Dudley’s Falcon Blue Pool Service operates anywhere in Fountain Hills. To schedule pool service or for questions, call 480-305-3038 or email [email protected].

“If you’re looking for a pool guy, give me a call,” Dudley said. “I’ll take care of you.”