Digital Marketing Startup Only Hires People Who’ve Lost Jobs Amidst Pandemic

The Rank Company, an initiative by Anirban Bhattacharya, who himself lost his high paying job amidst pandemic, now provides jobs to all those people who have been barely surviving. He accompanied by the other 9 members of his company has been helping worthy people who have been removed from their jobs due to the ever-escalating pandemic conditions.


Currently, the company has a team of 85+ freelance content writers and SEO specialists along with 9 on roll employees who lost their jobs amidst COVID 19. The company is also extensively hiring new talents now a day. Apart from this point, presently, the company is serving 78+ clients worldwide. 


“When I thought things were going well, the pandemic took its deadly toll, and I ended up losing my job. But my wife’s support gave me hope and motivated me on every step. So, I finally launched my company in July 2020. To empower the ones without a job through hiring them, since they must have been hit hard by the pandemic, just like the rest of us.”


Anirban has teamed up with 9 other members of his company, who had been sailing in the same boat as him. To provide jobs to the unemployed, just like they did once with themselves. Each member of the company that once had nowhere to go, today own a new workspace together that is ever ready to hire talented and digitally savvy professionals on the go. 


The Rank Company is ever ready to hire people who lost their jobs because of the pandemic. “We know the value of true caliber in people who can work but are unable to work because they have lost their jobs. We know how many worthy employees like us have been left without a job because of the financial setbacks faced by our hiring companies. So, we would rather make use of it to create a better future together,” says Anirban Bhattacharya, founder of the company.


Although The Rank Company is a pioneer Indian Startup Digital Marketing Agency, their team of members has been individually serving the SEO industry for the past 10 years. Their team is well-versed in dealing with versatile digital scenarios and clientele. With a vision to deliver the best return on investment to their global clients.


“Hiring unemployed yet talented professionals has been a great decision so far. The amalgamation of our experience and their talent has given us a new direction indeed,” says the founder.


The founder, Anirban Bhattacharya believes he has achieved a milestone already. Throughout his career, he has been through several ups and downs. He started his journey as an internet marketing associate in 2010 with great passion to continue it for life. After leaving his job in 2011, he continued struggling as a digital marketing freelancer. Both his digital marketing initiatives, Seobloggers, and Limitless Media failed. Later on, he joined Google spider and served as an operational head in the digital marketing agency. But he ended up losing his job amidst Covid 19. So, he finally launched The Rank Company, that is now helping several others like him achieve something bigger.


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