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DSM integrates food and beverage business for ‘one-stop-shop’

The company is unifying three areas of its nutrition business: food specialties, hydrocolloids and part of its nutritional products group. The move will ‘closely align’ the company’s structure with emerging customer and market needs, the ingredient supplier contended. It combines the full range of DSM’s food and beverage ingredients, expertise and science-based taste and texture solutions.

The new F&B organization will focus on helping consumers ‘enjoy it all’ without having to choose between taste, texture and health. This differentiating message will be the cornerstone of a new campaign, the company revealed.

Responding to ‘new pressures’ on producers

DSM said that the global food sector is set to continue to grow as the world’s population increases. However, the Dutch company said, this is placing ‘new pressures’ on manufacturers in an ‘already competitive space’. Food businesses need to increase innovation and ‘get to market quickly’.

By establishing a ‘one-stop-shop’ of ingredients, solutions and end-to-end capabilities, DSM will help food and beverage manufacturers worldwide fast-track product development and achieve efficient production, the company claimed.

Shortening innovation pipelines are not the only challenge facing the industry. DSM noted that the food sector is ‘converging’ with the health and wellness space, with products expected to be ‘delicious’, healthy and environmentally and socially responsible. “DSM’s strategy aims to support this market advancement through the creation of one food & beverage business group that encompasses the ingredients, global and local expertise and solutions provided by its previously distinct food specialties, hydrocolloids and nutritional products business areas,” DSM said.