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GM customers can buy car parts directly from new online marketplace

In its drive to add revenue from sales of software and services, General Motors is launching an online parts store that will give GM vehicle owners the ability to buy parts direct.

The automaker said Tuesday this is just one of many new digital offerings coming to car buyers. Those include buying accessories, over-the-air upgrades and subscriptions digitally, as well as the option to shop, purchase and finance electric vehicles entirely online. 

“We are placing software and digital services at the center of every part of our business,” said GM Chief Digital Officer Edward Kummer. “The future of GM retail lies at the intersection of digital and physical e-commerce.”

Pick right part

GM’s new online parts marketplace will make 45,000 repair and maintenance parts, such as oil filters, engine and cabin air filters, batteries, brake pads, accessory belts, cooling hoses and windshield wiper blades, available to Chevrolet, GMC, Buick and Cadillac owners.