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How to Get a Company License in Dubai

Looking to start a company in Dubai? It might be a good idea as the Economy of UAE is getting good growth year by year, and it is inviting business people from different parts of the world to set up businesses in Dubai. While entrepreneurship is a lucrative option in Dubai, it can be seen that anyone can register a company and get a company license in Dubai with some simple steps. In this blog, we will cover some of the ways How you can Get a Company License in Dubai.


What is Company License in Dubai?

Every country has requirements and norms when it comes to establishing a business, and the same is the case for UAE. If you wish to start a company in Dubai, you need to obtain the necessary documents that grant you permission to run a business within the regulatory framework under the Laws. It can be referred to as a prerequisite that you mandatorily need for business establishment. The Department of Economic Development or DED is responsible for ensuring the procedure for implementation of business after which any business can legally perform trade or offer services.


Documentation Requirements – What You Need to Get a Company License?

Here are several mandatory documents that you need to submit to DED for the purpose of applying to obtain a license:

  1. A letter signed by the Department of Economic Development with approval of the business name and activity.
  2. Application Form attested and signed by the legal representative of the company.
  3. If you are renting out an office space, the tenancy contract will be required to be submitted.
  4. Copies of the Passport of all shareholders of the company.
  5. MOA with a local sponsor.


Process of Getting a First-Time Business License in Dubai

As you know the documentation requirements, here are some easy steps you need to take to get a business license in Dubai:

  1. Select a Company Name which should not be associated with any religion or politics.
  2. Choose the Business Activity that the business will conduct.
  3. Choose the Trade License which suits your requirements. The different license options available are Commercial, Professional, Industrial, and Branch licenses.
  4. Fill out the form with documents and submit it for further approval.
  5. Get documents and necessary paperwork with MOA and application form,
  6. Rent out office space, as it is mandatory to obtain an office address for the purpose of a trade license application.
  7. Send all completed documents to DED and receive final approval.
  8. Once the process is done, you have to pay the license fee, after which you will get the license issued by DED. You are also eligible to apply for a residence visa after the process.


Cost of General Trade License in Dubai

The First-Time Company license for trade can range anywhere between AED 25k to AED 50K, subject to region, whether it is mainland or free zone, business activity to be conducted, and type of license for the business type. This rate is for the first year and may come down the next year of your registration.