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Multi-dimensional evaluation SweetNight removable mattress

This year, when I moved to a new home, I got the SweetNight  detachable mattress that I had always wanted to buy, so I learned from others to engage in a review to give you a reference!

I mainly start from the aspects that I care more about, only interested in a certain part of the friends, you can also look at that piece.

From the appearance of the looks to evaluate.

As it turns out, this is a look at the appearance will be seriously underestimated strength of the mattress.Pure white plaid fabric with a particularly strong sense of texture. Side also with SweetNight logo, off-white label look full of texture ~

Checked the mattress details, alignment workmanship is also in place, the mattress inside and outside are no extra threads. Like a checkerboard grid of alignment to each cotton are sealed up, used for six months, really good.

Next is the most direct aspect of the experience.

The fabric is thicker to the touch and has a bit of a brushed feel.

The material is a class A skin-friendly fabric, material is very safe, and this check pattern is more breathable. Especially now three days, my experience is very obvious, compared to the kind of stuffy to hot fabric, this is really comfortable.

This material, the clothing industry is also in use, like sweatshirts, sweatshirts such casual clothing, and even bathrobes, have its figure.

The feeling of lying on it is also good, fit support.

The overall feeling of sleep is hard, but lying down under the waist is still relatively snug, no gaps, support is stable;.

The state of the side sleep is also good, I have pillow pillow, the spine can still remain at the same level, this sleep will not be back pain. Previously sleeping on a soft mattress, after waking up is a disaster, like the Monkey King how to turn can not turn the five-finger mountain, to cry! Now sleep on a hard mattress, finally feel alive!

Recommended for the middle-aged and elderly, waist is not good or only favor hard pad friends to use, lying in bed to facilitate the activities, but also because it is too soft and can not find support points. Overall quite consistent with my current sense of sleep, playing workers can also try.

Sitting on the edge of the bed will not slip the edge, praise!

Some mattresses will use a layer of soft sponge around the edge orsimply do not do, so if you have the same habit as me to sit on the edge of the bed to play, buy do not choose the following two types of mattresses, this kind of use for a long time the spring will be slanted, the edge to warp out.

Do not use the hand can obviously feel the spring.

Sit down to the mattress part of the sink more than 1/3 do not.

Always remember these two points, are the experience! Ask is the pain over.

Warm-up session is over, let’s explore the next!

First, the fabric.

Take down the entire fabric layer to see, the thickness is relatively thin, about only 2mm, a person can easily be folded, put in the washing machine to clean the size just right.

Then is the mattress inside.

You can see that the mattress has two internal padding  layers, a layer of bio-based small blue pad (hard) + a layer of highly breathable memory foam (soft), when deliberately consulted the customer service lady, after taking into account my dual needs of cost-effective and waist protection, customer service to me recommended this, the service attitude is very good, this point is worth mentioning.

Although the filling are sponge, but the overall hardness can not be bad, sleep up fit and support, waist protection effect is quite good.

As for the adjustment of sleep, the feeling is more amazing, because at that time want is hard sleep feeling, so directly choose Dreamy S1, did not expect to be able to match a slightly softer sleep feeling, the memory foam on the upper layer, lying on the feeling is very different, not only comfortable, support is also still in.

Sponge outside a layer of breathable mesh bag, zipper can be pulled open, and not fixed dead, this point praise!This can be used to increase friction with the mesh material, the physical method of fixing the padding, but also allows me to intuitively see the material, full of security.

And this has another advantage – to avoid spraying glue into the padding. You know the mattress you bought before, are required to spray glue to prevent shifting, and SweetNight this is completely physical way to fix the padding.

The two layers of the sponge set with mesh stacked together, the friction is greatly, and then with Velcro, as long as the placement is good, the normal use of the basic will not shift, the dry sleeping position can also carry. I slept for half a year, and then disassembled did not see any difference.

Finally, the spring part.

Lift the top two layers of padding, to see what the overall spring layer looks like?

Obviously, independent pocket springs, arranged very neatly, dense support points look like they belong to the big scene, I still see the spring mattress springs for the first time, it is amazing. Here is one piece I will not take apart to see.

On the part I can see, combined with the official data to speak against. 6.5 turns, high carbon manganese steel material, I do not know if it is good, but sweeping a circle, this data should be considered normal or normal upper level, lie on the support effect is quite good, and how to roll no sound.

Spring outside the cloth bag used is cool cloth, then read a lot of strategy, specially asked customer service, only to know that this material is stronger and more durable, claiming that “tear does not break”, it directly upgraded the spring cloth bag.

Most mattresses default non-woven configuration, before the back and bottom of my home sofa is non-woven, feel not a few years on the decay, service life is not, in the light is also easy to powder, conditions and our home can be replaced with cool cloth.

Next, look at the details of the part, the spring periphery to do a layer of sponge around the edge, feel with the hand is relatively hard, sit down to have a proper soft, support no problem, but also very comfortable.

At the time of purchase, I asked the customer service lady knowledge of the spring, the lady gave me this answer.

Did not understand, you can simply look at the details page: is the edge of the spring inside the sponge, but also made a top shelf + buckle design, the side hit the square buckle support spring, the outermost is the sponge edge, all-round are fixed with the buckle nail dead, no wonder sitting so stable it!

After all the demolition, we come to a small summary.

SweetNight mattress in addition to the spring layer is the overall structure, the mattress payment plan are all removable, clean when you can take down the wash, very convenient. There is also the back want to change the feeling of sleep, spend some money on the whole latex or something to try, more cost-effective.And the whole process did not see glue, formaldehyde problem I am relieved. Mattress sleep can also be adjusted, ready to arrange a second bedroom, the next time Mom and Dad can sleep, it is very practical.

In my opinion there is still a need for improvement, the appearance of this mattress is a little too single, I hope that the next time you buy a different style.