NxGen Brands Inc. to Launch SendPut

Fort Lauderdale, Florida–(Newsfile Corp. – February 18, 2022) – NxGen Brands Inc. (OTC Pink: NXGB)…

Fort Lauderdale, Florida–(Newsfile Corp. – February 18, 2022) – NxGen Brands Inc. (OTC Pink: NXGB) (“NXGB” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has commenced beta testing for SendPut Networks today.

An online marketplace bringing rapid delivery services to local businesses.

The launch of SendPut marks the realization of a disruptive new online marketplace and rapid delivery model.

Notably, SendPut leverages local retailers as its inventory and fulfillment network core, creating partnerships via its online inventory and marketplace platform. This comes as others in the space concentrate on city-based dark stores or ultra-centralized warehouses. The company sees multiple benefits to this approach.

In addition to unlocking new opportunities for SMBs, SendPut’s model dramatically expands both the possible reach and range of rapid delivery platforms. In creating networks of existing retailers, SendPut is able to expand its reach into zip codes where existing standalone dark store and delivery network models would prove uneconomical. Additionally, the creation of local many-store networks greatly expands the range of products available to customers through such rapid-delivery online marketplaces.

Rounding out the customer delivery side of the network, the company’s second major focus for SendPut is developing a network of secure pickup/dropoff lockers. In tandem with a logistics platform for coordinating retailer-driven fulfillment with excess capacity in existing driver networks, the company is able to realize ultra-rapid delivery times competitive with other fast-delivery models.

A Capital-Efficient Disruption of the Fast Delivery Model

Angel Burgos, CEO of NxGen Brands Inc., said, “SendPut’s design is excellent, allowing multiple business models that can continue to create revenue streams for the company, all while minimizing the capital outlay. This stands in contrast to most of the mainstream delivery companies, who are establishing themselves and competing in high-density urban areas with significant investments in dark warehouses and unmarked locations to deliver in 30 minutes or less. We have found that this business model is unpractical and unnecessary in most situations that require delivery.”

“The SendPut Network is designed to maximize the use of existing resources, including drivers and delivery personnel. Our app will have all the inventory available within the zip code, available to customers in real-time. SendPut will manage the most extensive virtual warehouse database without the operational costs of a physical one and with the efficiency of local product and service availability,” Burgos continued.

In noting further capital efficiencies, Burgos also notes, “The SendPut model allows us to maximize brand recognition and exposure as local businesses come online with our network and promote our service and the availability of our application and network design.”

Convenience and Opportunity: A Win for Customers and Small Businesses Alike

Burgos makes it clear that, while SendPut represents a massive opportunity for the company, its benefits are wide-reaching. On this point, he said, “Big corporation expansion plans have displaced and put out of business millions of businesses throughout the last decades. They are doing the same on the internet now-millions in targeted SEO marketing, millions more in algorithms to funnel traffic to the mainstream marketplaces. At least in the online world, there can be unity to serve local communities, safeguarding the ecological advantages of minimizing the carbon footprint of the product purchased and increasing product availability to the local market. We want to bring back to the corner store the potential of delivering a product the same day, offering their fresh goods locally, instead of using the marketplace as the first option with limited availability.”

Burgos continues, “The end customer also should not have to pay extra to benefit from SendPut’s delivery network and product availability. While we will introduce additional tiers that will include dedicated concierge services for real-time custom requests, SendPut monetizes via multiple means, such as an override for sales thru the SendPut network and the coordination of services between delivery service providers, courier distribution networks, and drivers. This means customers can access our base product without expensive annual fees or other additional service charges that other big platforms impose.”

Registration for Businesses Is Now Open

For more information, businesses can sign up their location at no charge at sendput.com. Updates will be provided as zip codes continue to get requested.

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