Polyester cotton pillowcases

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Poly cotton is made from polyester and cotton. Polyester is a man made material, while cotton is a natural material. This blend mixes artificial, synthetic material with cotton. Usually, this mix often has a ratio of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. However, there are many ways polyester and cotton can be blended and it is not restricted to just that ratio. This blend is very popular because clothes using it becomes more durable, and more customizable than 100% cotton. At the same time, unlike polyester material, it doesn’t stick to the skin. The poly cotton blend offers the best of both worlds. Many items can use poly cotton material. These items include bags, clothing accessories, house hold items such as table clothes and many other items. One item that uses that blend is a pillowcase. Pillowcases made from poly cotton material can be called cotton polyester pillowcases. Cotton polyester pillowcases normally last longer than 100% cotton pillowcases when laundered. Some companies may have cotton polyester pillowcases that are around 50/50 or 60/40 cotton polyester blend. A customer should be able check the description area on all cotton polyester pillowcases to check the details.  When shopping for cotton polyester pillowcases, customers should always look for pillowcases engineered for comfort, durability, and ease of care. Some cotton polyester pillowcases might even create a healthier environment for skin, hair, and sleep. With all these factors in mind, a customer should look through companies and websites for the perfect cotton polyester pillowcases.

There are many pros of using cotton polyester pillowcases. As mentioned before, pillowcases or any other items that use the cotton poly blend will be more durable.  One big drawback of 100% cotton items is that it is more susceptible to wear and tear. Mixing the cotton and polyester helps the item become stronger. Cotton polyester pillowcases typically last longer than most other types of pillowcases. Another pro of cotton polyester pillowcases is that the poly cotton material used to make  cotton polyester pillowcases help it become less prone to wrinkles. Since cotton polyester pillowcases don’t wrinkle as much as other pillowcases they don’t need to be ironed. Also, because of the poly cotton blend used to make the cotton polyester pillowcases the pillowcases don’t tend to shrink as much as other pillowcase choices.

Another reason why cotton polyester pillowcases have a blend that is perfect for pillowcases and other materials is because of the many pros of cotton and polyester. For example, cotton is hypoallergenic, which means it doesn’t cause allergic reactions or irritations in the skin. Cotton is also soft and feels good to touch. It is breathable and it has a high absorbency. Polyester is also a good material to use. It is durable and has nice wrinkle recovery properties. When cotton and polyester get blending together to make cotton polyester pillowcases, the pillowcases typically get cotton’s softness and polyester’s strength. Cotton polyester pillowcases marry the pros of both materials by weaving the two together.

When shopping for cotton polyester pillowcases, customers should also keep in mind the thread count in cotton polyester pillowcases. The thread count dictates the tightness of the weave on the fabric in cotton polyester pillowcases. The higher the thread count in a bath of cotton polyester pillowcases, the tighter the weave. 

The popularity of cotton polyester pillowcases has also rose and cotton production has increased in most places. 

On top of all that, items that use the cotton polyester mix tend to be more affordable. One hundred percent cotton items are usually more expensive than other materials since growing cotton uses a lot of water and water is becoming more scarce. Since the polyester in cotton polyester pillowcases are man made, it is easier to get and is usually cheaper than 100% cotton. When the two materials are mixed, the blend becomes cheaper than just 100% cotton. Also, according to the World Trade Organization, cotton and polyester prices have been on a steady decline. 

As the world consumption of textile fibers rises to over 90 million tons in 2016, the price of cotton & polyester is decreasing.  According to the World Trade Organization, poly cotton fabric prices have seen a consistent decrease year-over-year for the last 4 years; as prices decrease, poly cotton is becoming more popular for businesses in their garment manufacturing. 65 polyester 35 cotton fabric is the most affordable to make due to polyester’s affordability — making it a go-to choice for garment manufacturers to keep costs low while providing a quality product.

Lastly, the Poly cotton blend used in cotton polyester pillowcases tend to be more versatile no matter the ratio of polyester and cotton. The poly cotton blend helps cotton polyester pillowcases and other garments maintain it’s shape and colors longer than 100% cotton or polyester. Cotton polyester pillowcases are soft and light due to the poly cotton blend. Cotton polyester pillowcases also need less energy to dry. 

Over the course of a person’s lifetime, they will sleep a lot, and because of this pillowcase fabric matters. Customers should spend extra time looking for the perfect cotton polyester pillowcases. Customers should definitely keep cotton polyester pillowcases in mind when looking for this perfect pillowcase. Different companies may also have different blends with their cotton polyester pillowcases’ materials and a customer should be aware of the different ratios of cotton polyester when they shop for their cotton polyester pillowcases. 

All in all, pillowcases using the poly cotton blend are stronger, have less wrinkles, don’t need to be ironed, are getting more popular, are affordable, and much more. These pillowcases are definitely something customers should keep in mind when shopping for a perfect pillowcase. Finding this perfect pillowcase is also very important to someone’s health. Pillowcases may affect how someone sleep, for better or for worse. The poly cotton blend used in pillowcases has many pros and they should definitely be kept into account when shopping for pillowcases. This is because of the cotton and polyester in the blend that mix their best attributes together.