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QR Codes in Gaming: How to Create an Interactive Experience Among Gamers

The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It’s a multi-billion-dollar market and is still expected to grow in the next few years. At the center of this growth is the evolution of interactive experiences among gamers.

One of the best ways that game developers introduce interaction and engagement to their consumers is through QR codes. This can easily be integrated into the game—be it through the storyline, promotions, or maps. The best part is, they come at very little to no cost, with the help of an advanced free QR code generator online.

Take a look at how the gaming industry is using QR codes to encourage interaction among players.

Hunt for the game’s tools and items

If there’s one thing that most gamers agree on, it’s the love of a good challenge. They like the challenge of finding items and tools that will help them win in their gameplays.

That’s exactly why game developers put QR codes in their storylines—it’s one great way to add more hype.

One good example is third-person shooter game Watch Dogs. The creators placed QR codes across 16 locations in the game. Once scanned, gamers can collect these items and tools, which they can use in their gameplays.

Easter egg giveaways for in-game purchases

Some games simply place QR codes as Easter eggs or giveaways. This doesn’t necessarily give them an advantage over their gameplay, but simply as an add-on. 

This keeps gamers engaged for longer because they have something more to look forward to in the game.

A great example of this is Pokemon Go, which provides an easier alternative to catching a Pokemon through QR codes. Another great example is Animal Crossing, where other players give out QR codes for you to unlock and collect.

Introduce new characters, items, or products

If the game developer launches a new character, a new item, or a new product, promoting them through QR codes has been proven to be quite effective. Of course, the end goal of these types of launch is always to sell them, so adding a video QR code will surely create more buzz.

Cyberpunk 2077, a game set in a dystopian future with Keanu Reeves as the lead character, teased the game way before its official launch. They placed QR codes behind Xbox controllers, which will lead gamers to an unlisted video on YouTube.

This hasn’t only boosted interaction, but increased their sales, too.

Lead to short or bonus interactive games

Aside from the main games, some developers may also launch mini-games alongside them. This doesn’t affect your game stats or rankings, and they also don’t have to be connected to the storyline of the game; they’re simply there to serve as a buffer whenever you may be too fed up with the main game.

To release them to the public, developers place QR codes in their controllers or advertisements. This is a great use of this tech to keep gamers hooked and engaged with the game even more.

QR codes are proven to be quite useful in the gaming world. This has allowed many gamers and developers to be more creative in using QR codes to promote their games and build a good amount of hype around it.

Now it’s only up to the marketers to choose the right QR code generator with logo software that can cater to their every need.