Quick Guide for Buying a Perfect Suitcase

In case you’re wondering how to pick the right type of travel luggage, this post has gathereda helpful guide to get you started. After all, when you are going to spend a lot of pennies on your next suitcase, make sure you make a right pick.

Once you have a right type of parajohn trolley bag, you can be sure that you make the utmost of it. It would not just help you with your stuff but also with your looks and ease. Remember that you need to consider the type of items you plan to bring. This is going to help you determine the perfect features for your suitcase, that will aid you when choosing luggage.

The Size 

Size is an important and crucial crucial factor when choosing luggage; no one wishes to have a suitcase that is extremely big for them to physically manage, it would be no less than a nightmare. Below are some usual guidelines to consider:

  • Remember that the overall size of the bag should be limited to what you really can handle, since there might be times when no one is around to assist you lift and that of maneuver it.
  • Also, be sure to easily check the luggage allowance of all the airlines you are going to be traveling with. Diverse airlines have varied size requirements, so don’t get caught unrehearsed.
  • It’s is main to consider the allowed weight of your luggage, too; the lighter your case the more you can pack/souvenirs you can get home!
  • It is a great idea to test your suitcase before you even travel. Check that the handle is quite long enough for your height, that the feel of the fabric goes well with your needs, and that it is robust and hard-wearing enough for your trip.
  • In case you plan to order your suitcase online, do it well well-in advance so you can simply return it and search for another if it does not really feel right.
  • Ideally, professionals do recommend that your travel suitcase should measure 22” x 9” x 14” or that of even less. This is tiny enough to fit into the overhead compartments on most of the airlines. 
  • As a general type of rule, opt for a type of carryon no larger than 45” (length plus that of width + height) and a checked bag no huger than 62”, which is standard for most of the US or otherwise airlines.

Check the features 

In the present time the suitcases come with a huge variety of cool features that impact your transportation, packing, and even that of overall protection. One thing to always keep in mind is that the more bells and whistles there would be, the heavier the bag! Remember that if you require to pack for a 7kg baggage allowance then a simple suitcase is key! If your goal is to simply pack light, try to pick a suitcase that somewhat weighs less than 5lb or even 2kg.


So, once you pick a parajohn suitcase keeping in mind all these discussed things, you would not regret your purchase.