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Social Audio – The Small Big Player in Social Media Marketing


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Social audio was founded in 2020 and immediately became immensely popular. People globally spend a significant amount of time on social media. Social Audio was invented to help social media users overcome screen fatigue. Clubhouse was the first social media platform to introduce conversational social audio. Social audio has quickly become an emerging trend in social media marketing. If you want to enhance your brand’s visibility and engagement, you should stay updated with the latest trends like social audio. Social audio platforms give brands a unique way to engage their audience. Furthermore, they help in building communities and establishing thought leadership.

What is Social Audio?

Traditionally, the components of social media were texts, videos, and then emojis. The latest addition to these is social audio. Do not confuse social audio with podcasts because it is not a single-way broadcast medium.

Social audio is not recorded audio meant for later consumption by the audience. It is real-time and a dialogue, allowing audience participation. But it is solely a voice-only medium, without the need to appear in any video. You need not worry about your appearance, surroundings, etc. Voice is a powerful tool that effectively conveys emotions, messages, and stories.

A human voice adds a depth of contextual understanding. The benefits of emphasizing voice in communication include the influence of a voice’s intonation to direct the audience’s understanding. Examples of social audio platforms where the audience can participate during a live audio conversation are Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and Facebook Live Audio Rooms.

Role of Social Audio in Social Media Marketing

The major advantages of using social audio in social media marketing are:

  • It increases engagement

Social audio has brought with it an unforeseen way of driving engagement through an audience. You no longer have to communicate only through texts. Adding an audio element boosts a conversation. There are many people who like audio communication more than text-based communication. Social audio is the best way to reach this audience. What makes the interaction even more interesting on social audio platforms is that you can express your support by sending stars, reactions, or by raising a hand.

  • It develops an engaged community

Social audio encourages listeners to participate actively. If you want to talk on a relevant topic, social audio will let you hold a live audio session. In these sessions, you should invite experts and influencers too. After engaging your audience, you can establish your brand authority without much difficulty. Address the listeners’ concerns and provide valuable insight. The audience should not hesitate to make a contribution to the conversation. You should encourage your listeners to make queries or talk about their experiences, Therefore social audio is helpful for creating a community centered on your niche or brand.

  • It allows refined conversations

Through social audio, you can have an in-depth analysis and hold a layered conversation. Social media posts and captions don’t let you communicate freely because there is a word or character limit. Also, social audio lets you clear any misunderstanding in real-time and enables you to add side notes. Diving deep into a topic and being able to answer questions instantly adds richness to the conversation.

  • It assists in forming thought leadership and brand awareness

Social audio is very useful in establishing thought leadership within an industry. You can display your expertise by consistently producing valuable content. New listeners who can relate to your shared message will start following you, indicating an increase in brand awareness.

Top Social Audio Apps

Users of social audio apps can communicate with each other using audio. Among the many elements of these social media tools, the most prominent one is a live audio conversation. When your marketing strategy involves social audio, the platform you select carries a lot of weight. Select the best platform for you to connect and engage with your audience. The best social audio apps currently available are:

  1. Clubhouse
  2. Fireside
  3. Spaces on Twitter
  4. Discord
  5. Sonar
  6. Facebook Audio Rooms


Social audio is a voice-based social media tool. Audio communication is the main way of social networking that is done through social audio. You must include social audio in your marketing strategy to reach out and engage your desired listeners. Using audio is important in social media because your voice can make it easier to form a connection with your audience by using the right tone to convey your emotion. Social audio is going to be the next big thing as more and more players like tech giants and start-ups enter the field. You can use social audio as a part of your digital marketing strategy and for a variety of other things. Some of them are personal branding, brand ambassadorship, sentiment analysis, peer-to-peer support, event sponsorship, audience analysis, etc.