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Social Media and its Effect on Search Engine Optimization

Do Facebook, Instagram or whatever social media site posts affect a website’s rankings? Well according to SEO Brisbane experts, your social media profiles are not just confined to social media, but surprisingly they also rank in search engine results. They are in fact prominently visible in branded search results, often on the first page! Thus, social media isn;t just for fun, but it’s also a good venue for brands to increase their search engine visibility and drive more traffic to their websites! Read on to learn more on what effect social media has on search engine optimization.

Increased Visibility on Social Media Leads to More Links

Majority of SEO Brisbane experts agree that there’s a correlation between social media shares and rankings. For starters, they all agreed that social media benefits SEO by helping you acquire more inbound links.

All of the SEO professionals are also aware that quality backlinks are essential for ranking higher on Google and for increasing domain authority. And, social media is a wonderful platform for link building.

So, if your target audience is busy engaging with your content, then they’re most likely to share it, which gives your brand more visibility. That increased visibility also means that your content is more likely to be found and read by people who can link to it.

And, the SEO experts also stress that not only can social media sharing increase the number of inbound links to your website, but it also improves your credibility, and shows the popularity, and authority, of your content.

Social media also allows for more enhanced content promotion, which can lead to other bloggers linking to your content from their websites. You could even be approached by more people for interviews and quote requests!

And, when you share content over social media, you are actually putting it in front of an audience who is willing to share it with their own networks. Allowing your social media followers to amplify your reach also effectively delegates a lot of aspects of link building!

Social Media Can Help Improve SEO Ranking Signals

Even if social media shares are not deemed or considered a ranking factor, stuff like time on page and time on website are definitely helpful factors. For this reason, social media benefits SEO Brisbane by assisting it with regard to improving the metrics that do impact rankings.

Social media also drives in more beneficial traffic to search-optimized webpages, and this improves both your social media visibility and engagement. How? Well, if you are targeting the right people on social media with content that’s relevant to them, then chances are they’ll stay on your website longer. This is crucial because the length of each interaction on your website is taken into serious consideration by Google’s ranking system!

Thus, you can utilize highly-targeted posts on social media to increase the average time spent on your website, which in turn can help boost or add search engine rankings in the long run!

Posting on Social Media Results in Quicker Indexing of Content

Many SEO Brisbane professionals also say that they use their social media outlets to get their pages indexed by Google much faster. They further add that once they’ve acquired new or fresh content published on their website, they quickly start sharing it on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, to get more clicks to it. This gives search engines like Google the signal that there’s a page that needs to be crawled and further inspected!

Social Media Interaction Improves SEO Content

The SEO experts also noted that stuff like bounce rates, click-through rates in the search engine results pages, time on page and time on site are all examples of interaction data that the search engines utilize to rank content.

Thus, marketers and brand owners should make good use of their brand;s social media communities and fan bases as a sounding board to test different types of content. Thus, you should find the social media posts that get the best engagement, and utilize those insights to structure your website’s page titles and descriptions in a similar way. And, if more people are clicking on a post via social media, they will also be likely to click on that article when they find it on the search engine results page!

Social Media Helps Boost Search Demand

As compared to traditional marketing channels, social media can help search engine optimization in many, unexpected ways. For example, many SEO Brisbane experts agree that not only does sharing content on your chosen social media channels helps engagement on those platforms, but it also helps funnel visitors to your website, which elevates your site’s visibility!

Social Media Can Help You Identify the Right Audience for Your SEO Content

One of the most amazing things about social media is that you get to effectively learn who your target audience is. Like, you easily find out what their feelings, beliefs and desires are. You will also find out your targeted audience’s general tendencies, like where do they go online, and what are they usually looking for.

This makes it so much easier for you to find the right, and relevant keywords to target, as well as create keywords that are tailored to the people who are most likely to do business with you. Thus, this knowledge, paired with promoting content on venues or places where the targeted audience is likely hanging out, should help to dramatically increase your success in SEO! 

Social Media Also Helps Enhance Your Content Reach

Social media is also an amazing venue of channel for ensuring that your website’s content reaches as many people as possible. On search engines, online netizens only discover your content when they are searching for a relevant keyword.

But on social media, you will be getting your content in front of people who do not even realize that they needed your content! And, better or high-quality content also translates to high-quality traffic, which again significantly affects your website’s rankings.

And even if you don’t get a social media influencer, or a popular showbiz personality, to boost your website’s popularity, or to organically share your content, you can still use social media to lengthen your content’s reach, and boost your brand’s popularity in the most effective (and affordable) way!