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Spa Girl Cocktails Comes to ReserveBar, a Luxury Online Spirits Marketplace

SAN DIEGO, California – Spa Girl Cocktails, Inc. (“Spa Girl Cocktails”), the better-for-you premium vodka cocktail company, is proud to announce that its full portfolio of award-winning vodka offerings are now available on ReserveBar, the established leader in luxury and premium spirits e-commerce. Additionally, Spa Girl Cocktails newest line of adult-only frozen popsicles, Boozy Pops, are exclusively for sale online.

“We are thrilled to partner with Spa Girl Cocktails as we grow our Ready-to-drink, Craft Beer and Hard Seltzer category. As a woman-owned company, Spa Girl Cocktails fits nicely into our Spirited Change Initiative which provides consumer and trade exposure to minority and women-owned brands and businesses in the beverage alcohol industry.,” said Kathy Keefe, Director of Partnership Development at ReserveBar.

Spa Girl Cocktails, known for its delicious taste and healthier ingredients, dominates the market as the most award-winning, highest proof canned and bottled vodka cocktails made with pure vodka, natural flavors, pure sugar cane, and no artificial sweetener or flavors. Clean, crisp, and refreshing, these cocktails boast a high ABV of 16.5%, 3.4x more alcohol by volume per serving than your average ready-to-drink seltzer, making Spa Girl Cocktails the little can that packs a punch.

“We are elated to bring our high-proof, premium quality, award-winning flavors, and innovative drinking solutions for women, by women, to ReserveBar,” said Alisa Marie Beyer, CEO of Spa Girl Cocktails. “The Spa Girl Cocktails collection is the perfect beverage for ReserveBar customers seeking delicious tasting, premium ready to drink vodka cocktails. ReserveBar is known for providing the best high-end, luxurious spirits, and we are excited to join forces with them as they expand their Ready-to-drink offerings.”

The Spa Girl Cocktails portfolio, now available on ReserveBar, will include their Signature Vodka Cocktails that include natural flavors of Cucumber, Peach, and Pear (16.5% ABV) their Sparkling Vodka Cocktails which consist of Pineapple, Strawberry, and Mango flavor options (11.5% ABV), and their adult-only popsicle collection, Boozy Pops in Pineapple, Strawberry, and Mango flavor options (7% ABV). The variety pack of Boozy Pops will include 12 popsicles, 4 per flavor, and sell for MSRP $23. The cocktails are available in 200 mL 4-pack cans (MSRP: $15) and 24-pack cans (MSRP: $90).

About Spa Girl Cocktails, Inc.

Spa Girl Cocktails, the #1 most award-winning cocktail is a better-for-you canned cocktail known for its delicious taste, premium ingredients and vodka. At 16.5% ABV (33 proof) this cocktail is the little can that packs a punch allowing you to drink less to enjoy more. Less liquid means fewer calories! This ready-to-drink spirit is low-carb, low-calorie, low-sugar, vegan, gluten-free, 100% plant-based, with nothing artificial. Spa Girl gets its name from founder Karen Haines’ secret recipe of cucumber-infused water, the perfectly light and refreshing addition to premium vodka to create the ultimate cocktail experience.

About ReserveBar

Founded in 2013, ReserveBar was born out of the passion of its founders with a commitment to celebrating and sharing good times by providing the best premium, reserve spirits, luxury champagne and fine wine. ReserveBar has become the preeminent online destination for premium and luxury spirits due to industry-leading tech and expertise in customization, personalization and innovative gifting, as well as exclusive offerings and limited edition collaborations. A one-stop-shop for the best in spirits, wine, and champagne, ReserveBar delivers the most curated offerings and white glove service to homes across the United States.

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