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Stuck In A ‘Work From Home’ Rut? Get Tips For A Routine Refresh With Business Consultant Lindsay Pinchuk

Millions of Americans are about to start their third year of working from home. Love it or leave it, many of us don’t have a choice. Small business consultant and award-winning entrepreneur, Lindsay Pinchuk, has been working from home for over a decade…so the current working situation isn’t that new to her. Lindsay joined Studio 512 with some great tips to remain productive, but not to get stuck in a rut at home.

“By now I think that we all have work stations set up in our home—so I want to take the time to talk more about time management:

TIP 1: On Sunday night, check your schedule for the week. I keep my calendar on Google Calendar, but some people like a paper calendar, I get it. Austin-based Erin Condren makes some great organizers! I love their Life Planner, $59. I like to get a look at what is coming before the week even starts. I check my calendar every day at the end of my work day or before I go to bed. It’s always nice to know what is ahead. 

Tip 2: Take advantage of the situation. When could you ever throw in a load of laundry when you were working at the office? Honestly, don’t be afraid to do it. It’s important that you’re getting up throughout the day — so get up to throw in a load, dinner prep, walk the dog, schedule time to pick up your kids. You don’t have to sit chained to your desk all day — would you have done that at the office? It’s really important to understand that. 

Tip 3: Speaking of which, schedule time to MOVE. I schedule my workouts in the day, and I stick to them like I would an appointment. I love taking a ride on my Peloton, but I recently was introduced to Yoga Wake Up mindful alarm app (free to download, 7-day trial, subscriptions range from $10.99-$53.99) for iOS and Android. I LOVE this product for many of us who are stuck at home — because its for EVERYONE and ANYONE. 
-Break up the monotony of your WFH lifestyle with 10 minutes of AUDIO-GUIDED yoga and meditation by a variety of teachers that you can SCHEDULE (like an alarm) or play on demand ANYTIME you need a moment. Content for morning, anytime and bedtime.
-Everything on the app is beginner-friendly and has a DIVERSE community that includes a VARIETY of teachers and voices, creating practices that range from sound-healing and reiki to breathwork and affirmations. 

Tip 4:  Have a routine and if you report to someone try to set boundaries (that you communicate of course!) so that your work and personal life don’t blend together. When you work from home it’s really easy to work ’round the clock. You can’t be in front of the computer 24 hours a day — so this last and final tip is SUPER important as we continue to adjust to this new normal of work life.”

For more business advice, follow @LindsayPinchuk on Instagram and visit  Lindsay launched her podcast, “Dear FoundHer…” in January 2022, and you can join her community by the same name on Facebook to join in on the small business discussion: