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Supervisors to discuss new office for business development

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — In a news conference Thursday morning, with business leaders by their side, both Supervisors Nathan Fletcher and Nora Vargas announced their plans to ask the board for more assistance for businesses in the region.

This letter would get the ball moving in the effort to create an Office of Economic Prosperity & Community Development to connect business owners with the resources they need. The letter immediately directs the Chief Administrative Office to conduct an assessment of economic prosperity and community development in San Diego County.

Austin Evans owns his own law firm, he said he’s seen first-hand how businesses are being impacted because of the pandemic.

“It’s really been a challenge trying to figure out where our next business is going to be coming from, where our next clients will be coming from, especially since many of them shut it up and closed their operations down. And then you have to figure out where you’re going from there,” Evans said.

Something that hits very close to home for neighborhoods in San Ysidro where close to 200 businesses have had to close.

Evans says the creation of this office would help tremendously as its goal would be to specifically look at the needs of business owners while making sure resources are offered equitably.

“Part of that problem is getting those resources out to folks and making sure that it gets out to the small businesses that have really been impacted worse by this all,” Evans added.

This letter will be presented to the board at the Oct. 5 Board of Supervisors meeting. The assessment would help provide an understanding of how to support business creation, retention, and development.