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How To Position Yourself To Land Paying Corporate Board Roles

Dr. April Willis, Principal Business Consultant & Coach at April Willis Consulting, LLC. getty How familiar are you with the idea of paid corporate roles? Corporate board positions can be incredibly lucrative endeavors that require minimal effort and offer premium payouts. From equity in the company to six-digit stipends, most corporate boards simply require active…

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Northern California accountants tally up 2021 and where corporate finance is headed in 2022

Mariya Pioszak: Anxiety — many of the issues brought up by the IRS to us and our clients are time sensitive, requiring a phone call or a letter to resolve which is hard to do when the IRS answering machine says they are not taking any more calls for the day or when their processing…

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Accounting Experts Ask Congress to Change Proposal on Minimum Corporate Tax

More than 200 accounting and tax experts, including at least two former U.S. accounting-standards officials, have asked federal lawmakers not to tie a proposed minimum corporate tax to income measures reported to investors. Under the proposal, companies reporting at least $1 billion in pretax book income would have to pay a minimum tax of 15%…

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