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The Influence Agency predicts top digital marketing trends

TORONTO, Dec. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — From the ongoing battle between Instagram and TikTok, to how the pandemic shaped consumers’ buying habits – “The Yearbook,” The Influence Agency’s third annual whitepaper, analyzes and navigates the ever-evolving digital landscape through insider expertise in order to help brands and businesses stay ahead of key digital marketing trends in 2022. 

[To read The Influence Agency’s full 2021-2022 whitepaper, click here.]

With global internet users having grown by more than 330 million over the past year alone, it’s critical to not only adapt, but also predict what’s to come if businesses want to outperform their competitors in the new year. The Yearbook covers these new trends, new platforms, and new opportunities in the following areas of expertise:

  • Cannabis marketing, SEO, and how to “roll” with the ever-evolving advertising regulations in this saturated market;
  • Cookieless marketing and how brands can pivot their online strategies to maintain efficiency;
  • The rise and demise of audio-only platforms like Clubhouse and podcasts and how this medium is impacting platform fragmentation and diversity in content consumption;
  • Social shopping and the convenient single-app experience for consumers;
  • The battle of the creator funds – how platforms are investing in their creators; and
  • Reels vs. TikTok: why creating short-form video content is instrumental to the success of your campaign.

“In 2020, the world was blindsided by the pandemic and so many people and businesses were forced to “pivot.” Moving into 2021, we have experienced a year of resilience as brands and businesses are utilizing the digital space in ways they never had before. Now we are settling into a new normal that features a hybrid model of in-person and online interactions. 2022 is what we dub the ‘comeback season,” said Tom Yawney, Partner and Director of Business Development at The Influence Agency. “The Yearbook offers an exclusive and in-depth look into how brands can be investing in themselves in the new year. The businesses that will win in the future are viewing themselves as media companies, and are using the tools available to analyze and strategize their digital marketing efforts going forward.

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