The Online Marketplaces That have Changed Businesses in the Past 10 Years

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The Online Marketplaces That have Changed Businesses in the Past 10 Years

Published on February 4, 2022

Online marketplaces have changed the way businesses operate. Now anyone can sell a product that they have and anyone around the world can find exactly what they need, which has had a significant impact on business models.

Online marketplaces are an important part of the digital marketing mix. They provide a platform that can be used to promote products and services, as well as provide a place for customers to purchase them from.

An online marketplace is a platform used to facilitate the sale of goods between buyers and sellers. There are two types of marketplaces: vertical and horizontal. Horizontal marketplaces sell products to as broad a range of customers as possible – for instance Amazon has become so varied that it is a ‘one-stop’ shop for many people. Vertical marketplaces specialize in one area only – they compete to become masters in their field, but have little or no influence over any other segment.


Airbnb is an online marketplace used by hosts who own rooms and apartments where they can rent out short-term accommodation. Airbnb has changed the way people travel around the world. It provides a convenient and cheaper alternative to traditional hotels.


Alibaba Group is the largest online marketplace in the world. It was founded by Jack Ma and aims to become the Alibaba Group of Everything. The company provides a platform for people to buy goods from producers, sellers, and manufacturers all over the world.


Amazon is an American e-commerce company. It was founded in Jeff Bezos’ garage by entrepreneur Jeff Bezos in 1994 (with a lot of money from his parents) and currently has over 1 million employees. Amazon is a subsidiary of the global e-commerce giant,, and hosts more than 67 million products. It is one of the world’s largest online retailers with thousands of sellers across multiple categories. Originally Amazon was a marketplace where consumers could purchase books. Amazon has grown to become the world’s largest retailer outside of China and is also a major content creator making movies such as Les Miserables and Late Night.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services has changed the way companies do business by creating a new platform for hosting and managing data. It is a cloud-computing service designed to offer reliable and cost-effective computing services.

App Store

Apple’s App Store is a marketplace where users can buy, download and install apps on their iOS devices. It was founded by Steve Jobs in 2008.

Eric Schmidt has said: “The App Store changed how people make money” as over one billion apps are sold or downloaded every month.


Ebay is one of the largest online marketplaces and has more than 100 million active buyers. It is a global marketplace that enables businesses and individuals to sell their goods through an easy-to-use website.

EBay is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world and an essential part of anyone’s digital marketing plans. It allows people from around the world to sell their products, which are then distributed worldwide. eBay can be used for several business functions including finding new vendors, sourcing products, and establishing new partnerships or business relationships.


Etsy is known as an e-commerce platform designed specifically for handmade goods and vintage products. It has more than 1 million members and over 75,000 active sellers who create their own shops on the site which look like “house shops” within a broader online marketplace.


Fiverr is a global online marketplace that matches individuals to those looking for services such as graphics design, programming, and translation. It is the go-to place for entrepreneurs to find help with business tasks at low costs.

Food Delivery Services

Zomato, Foodpanda, Swiggy, and Uber Eats are just some of the online food delivery companies that have changed the way people eat. They have enabled people to order everything from pizza to sushi on-demand with just a few swipes on their phones.

Google Play

Google Play is an online marketplace where people can find and download apps for their Android phones. It was founded by Sundar Pichai in 2008.


Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding website that allows people with creative projects to ask the general public for financial backing. It was founded in 2009 by Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler, and Charles Adler. Kickstarter has been used to fund over 50,000 creative projects including films, games, and music albums as well as ventures aimed at environmental conservation and social causes like disaster relief.


Lyft is a ride-hailing platform that has changed the way people travel around cities in the US and around the world. Lyft was founded in 2012 by Logan Green and John Zimmer. Lyft has been successful due to its attractive pricing, greater connectivity, and fast pickup times.

Mercado Libre

MercadoLibre is a South American online marketplace. It also provides software development services to help companies grow their business through e-commerce. MercadoLibre enables people to sell products through a variety of channels including printed catalogs and advertisements. It is available in 11 different languages The marketplace was founded by Marcos Galperin and launched in 1999.


Load boards are online platforms where carriers, freight forwarders, and shippers can connect with each other. These are used to coordinate the movement of freight from one place to another. The load boards were responsible for the expansion of trucking companies and the introduction of the long haul. They have been particularly beneficial for truckers wanting to start their own businesses. Especially before the carrier’s business has become established because the load boards are promoting available work.


The rise of Uber has changed the way people travel and live their lives. Uber is an online marketplace that allows anyone to drive for a living by providing a platform for them to work, as well as allowing customers to book their services easily.


Upwork is another online marketplace that has changed the way some businesses operate. It is a freelancing marketplace where businesses can hire freelancers to work on their projects. It has more than 12 million registered users, while more than 500,000 businesses use it as their primary platform for hiring freelancers. Upwork is a great place to find professional copywriters, customer service agents, and marketers.

The rise of online marketplaces has changed the way people do business, communicate and travel. Online marketplaces allow businesses to expand and reach new customers more cost-effectively. They also offer lower prices and more convenience for consumers.

The Online Marketplaces That have Changed Businesses in the Past 10 Years