Volition Launches First-Ever Online Industrial Parts Marketplace, an Answer to Supply Chain Woes

SAN FRANCISCO, May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Volition’s new industrial marketplace might have arrived just in time; the company just launched a private beta version of their technology that may present a solution to our parts problem.

Volition is the first-ever comprehensive online marketplace for all the world’s hardware components.

Volition is the first-ever comprehensive online marketplace for all the world’s hardware components – the bolts, gears, motors, chips, and more that make up the products we use every day. The Volition platform offers an extensive catalog of millions of unique products, with a variety of search methods that assist users in quickly finding, understanding, and ordering the right parts for a job.

Suppliers and hardware teams are encouraged to sign up now on the web site, which just launched, at GoVolition.com.

Volition expects the arrival of its marketplace will accelerate the hardware development process and lead to higher performance and more refined products, in addition to assisting sourcing teams in quickly fixing their supply chains by finding backup suppliers and alternative parts.

“I’m excited that our team can bring the latest technology to bear on the problems of the industrial world, and eager to get the Volition platform out there to start doing our part to help the supply chain crisis and beyond,” said Nick Pinkston, Volition’s founder and CEO. “The supply chain issues are only further accelerating the complexity of managing global manufacturing and trade, and Volition is uniquely positioned to help hardware teams navigate this new world.”

Typically, hardware teams have to constantly monitor their supply chains using phone calls and spreadsheets, and often have to work overtime to address supply chain emergencies. Volition’s platform will help ease this painful process by providing real-time information on order logistics, pricing, and availability, which will help teams quickly recognize and address issues. They can then easily respond by searching across Volition’s wide range of suppliers to find the same or equivalent components to what is missing, and order them instantly – all in one place.

All Things Hardware, All In One Place

The notion of a central online marketplace for hardware components is the first of its kind; despite its near necessity to society, the hardware industry has received little focus from tech until very recently. This is in part due to the industry’s complexity and conservatism in adopting new technology.

The industrial parts market is highly fragmented, with over 500,000 unique suppliers that can be difficult to discover. Prior to Volition’s arrival, there was no way to easily search across all suppliers. Most suppliers are new to eCommerce, and the majority do not currently provide customers a way to search for or purchase their products online, meaning customers must search through a patchwork of options to find what they need.

Volition created a core technology designed to solve many aspects of this labor-intensive process, that: (1) directly integrates with suppliers’ databases to maintain updated information, and (2) creates automated systems that allow Volition’s expert curators to scale their knowledge to organize a massive database of product data. The end result is a public-facing marketplace optimized to quickly search and filter parts by exact product specifications, which isn’t possible with general purpose marketplaces.

The Next Generation of Hardware Sales

Volition’s goal is to build the next generation of hardware development tools that help users create better products and run their teams and businesses more efficiently.

“Volition is tackling a massive problem in the often-overlooked industrial world that has the potential to change the entire industry. When we met Nick, it was clear that he and the Volition team were exactly who were going to change the game in the hardware universe. I’m proud to have supported them from the beginning and excited for their future,” said David Greenbaum, a partner with Quiet Capital.

Volition, founded in 2019, is the only online industrial parts marketplace designed specifically for the needs of the hardware development world. It will accelerate the pace of hardware innovation by serving as the hub that organizes all of the world’s components. For more information, please go to GoVolition.com.

Nick Pinkston, Volition Founder and CEO
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