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Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Instagram can be a highly targeted, visual marketing platform for your company and a chance to establish a dedicated following that grows as your business does.

Over 500 million Instagram users use the app daily, giving it home to some of the most engaged audiences in existence. John Dutton quilted jackets are available at Yellowstone jackets.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to develop your Instagram following and boost interaction over time, all while building a big following of genuine fans, not bots or phony followers.

Include Reels in your content blend.

Reels are entertaining videos that you may share with your Instagram followers. There are audio, effects, and creative tools available. You may post them publicly in Explore and on your feed to reach new audiences.

Reels represent a new frontier for brands. Kristie Dash, manager of Instagram’s beauty partnerships, remarked in a Glossy forum that Reels are a relatively new method to distribute material, and there is no one recipe for success. However, she does provide the following suggestions for gaining traction:

  1. Keep material original and trend drive. Identify Instagram and TikTok trends and give them your own touch. This raises the likelihood that your Reels will go viral and reach new audiences.
  2. Make material basic and relatable. Every Reel does not need to be a production. Videos of lower quality may perform as well as, if not better than, Reels with higher production value.
  3. Educate your audience. Find a balance between fun and knowledge in your Reels.

Reels should be your first focus at the moment. It’s ideal real estate for new fans to discover your brand.

The proprietor of a social media marketing firm, Trilce Jir√≥n Garro of TBS Marketing, concurs. Share evidence. Give advice on the industry you’re in. “Entertain the audience,” she adds.

Trilce recommends that both new and established firms use entertaining Reels in their Instagram strategy. There is no learning curve since the stuff on Reels is low-quality. And producers may develop content that establishes trust, attracts fans, and generates profits over time.”

Analytics solutions for Reels have made it simple to monitor metrics and analyze data to determine whether Reels are effective. You can now determine precisely what your audience loves and dislikes when to publish Reels, and what calls to action connect with viewers.”

Cross promote content

Cross-promotion is the dissemination of comparable material across many social media networks. This is a strategy used to save time and resources. It is also efficient for raising brand exposure and establishing an Instagram audience. Are you looking for Beth Dutton’s blue coat? contact us at Yellowstone jackets.

Mobile users are spending more time with video and entertainment applications, with video content on social media platforms leading the surge. You want to expand the reach of your Instagram content, whether it’s a little video or a comprehensive guide.

The Christmas dancing challenge issued by Justin Bieber is an excellent example of good cross-posting. During the Christmas season of 2020, the Canadian musician offered the same dance challenge on both TikTok and Instagram. His video earned 9.8 million likes on TikTok. On Instagram, the identical clip earned 4.8 million likes. Simply by releasing the same video on two separate sites, he was able to reach a larger audience.

The creator of lifestyle period brand August, Nadya Okamoto, discovered that TikTok organically crosses over to Instagram and YouTube. In an interview with Modern Retail, she said, “Since August, as our TikTok following has risen, so has our Instagram following to 175,000.” Actively posting on several channels has “significantly reduced our total cost of acquisitions,” enabling the company to abandon paid marketing as its primary acquisition route.

TikTok is not the only channel that allows cross-posting. The format of Instagram Reels adapts nicely to YouTube Shorts and Pinterest Stories. Importantly, Instagram’s algorithm will not promote Reels that have a TikTok watermark. If you’re planning to cross-post material from Instagram to other channels, verify that the content is of excellent quality and does not include watermarks that promote a competitor network.

Curate your profile grid

The majority of your followers will follow you for what you’ll publish in the future, not what you’ve posted in the past. Your audience wants to know what they will get by clicking the Follow button.

Having a feed with a constant theme and a regular publishing schedule may have the same influence on establishing a following as many of the other growth tactics discussed before. Even a basic pattern may attract new followers if it is immediately apparent to everybody who visits your profile.

Consider your Instagram bio and your nine most recent posts to be your initial impression on the platform. Are they able to successfully express consistency via personality, filters, colors, and layout? Does the hyperlink always direct users to the same homepage? Or do you also connect to entertaining and engaging content?

Gain prospects with your loyalty program.

Retailers are introducing loyalty programs at an increasing rate, continuously pushing customers to purchase with their brand rather than another. It was successful for businesses such as Sephora and Blume. One manner in which marketers capitalize on loyalty programs is by rewarding Instagram followers.

When Rebecca Minkoff created its rewards program, RM Rewards, it allowed customers to earn points by following the brand’s Instagram account. Additionally, brands like Blume recognize the benefits of rewarding Instagram followers. Members of the program may receive Blume Bucks for making Instagram friends as opposed to Facebook or Twitter.

Promote using your own Instagram account

Growing your personal account is another common method for increasing your Instagram following; essentially, you should position yourself as an influencer. Utilizing both the business account and your personal account may enhance brand awareness, the number of followers, and sales. This strategy may also be used on TikTok to increase your viewership.

It is an effective strategy for the fashion label ANINE BING. The company’s creator fosters interaction and visibility via her personal Instagram page, which has over one million followers, in addition to the brand’s Instagram presence. Rip Wheeler Black Jacket