Why Calling Other Countries Is Easier Than You Think

For a long time, people and businesses have struggled to keep in touch with family, friends, and colleagues abroad. However, for the longest time, calling other countries was incredibly expensive. That’s changed, though; making calls internationally without breaking the bank is more manageable. Whether calling a friend or relative in another country or a business owner wanting to keep in touch with your clients, there are ways to save money on international calls. Using a computer and an internet connection, you can make phone calls from anywhere worldwide without paying expensive roaming fees to your home or mobile network provider.


Whether doing business in another country or having loved ones who live abroad, calling foreign countries can become expensive. That’s why learning about the cost of international calls is essential to choose the best plan for your needs. Generally, the cost of making international phone calls depends on where you’re located, the type of carrier you have, and your monthly plan. However, you can also find lower rates using a service like Google Voice or a VoIP provider. 


Convenience is a term that’s often used to describe products, services, or procedures that make life easier. This can include everything from microwaveable meals to indoor plumbing and electricity. For some people, a phone call abroad is just as important as a phone call at home. That’s why looking into international calling options is a good idea when you need to talk to someone from another country. An internet-based service can help you save on call rates without sacrificing quality.

VoIP calling services

VoIP calls may be a good option if you call other countries using internet-based service. These services are much cheaper than traditional landline phone services and can help you save on repair and maintenance costs.

VoIP is also very secure and doesn’t allow outsiders to eavesdrop on calls as they do with traditional telephone lines. Modern providers encrypt all calls to protect your business from unauthorized access and data theft.

A VoIP business phone system is easy to set up and use. It connects to a router or switches in your Local Area Network (LAN) and sends voice data as IP packets over the internet. Your existing phone handset can be connected to the VoIP system using an analog telephone adapter (ATA). These are usually provided free of charge by your VoIP provider.

Calling from a computer

With various internet-based service options, calling other countries without paying hefty international roaming fees is easier than ever. You’ll want to ensure you understand all the charges and policies before signing up for a service. In addition to phone calls, some VoIP services also support voicemail transcriptions and group SMS messaging. Depending on the software, these features can be helpful for both business and personal use. Many of these services offer free trials or a limited amount of free international calling, and you can pre-purchase calling credits or subscribe to a monthly plan. You’ll need a computer and a data connection to use these options.