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Why you should opt for digital marketing as a career : The Tribune India

DP Vishwakarma

 For any developing country, the career of its youth is the main concern. Choosing a career is the most important decision one makes in his life. Finalising a career after this pandemic situation has given rise to many new points to think over and has turned the meaning of many points upside down.

It has spiked the heights if difficulty is faced to get on with a perfect career option. The stats say that in the current pandemic situation almost 12.2 crore Indians lost their jobs and nearly 1.2 lakh companies got totally extinct.

Now many new employees who were considerably young lost their jobs and out of those 12.2 crore nearly 60,000 were youngsters.

So, out of all these scenarios, a study conducted by the corporate sector said that nearly 40,000 companies changed their domain of work from other marketing fields to digital marketing. When we talk about digital marketing many big players of the field have regarded it as the safest and convenient field to work with when a person is interested in the field of marketing.

Being in the 21 century now the traditional practices and strategies of marketing have merely become obsolete and Digital Marketing Media is the trending source of communication for Brands. These are the basic reasons why digital marketing is becoming a very resourceful and trustable career option for youngsters.

 After the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the whole world and the scope of digital marketing in 2020 and 2021 has seen drastic growth, Moreover looking at India, it has the 2nd largest number of internet users in the world and by the end of 2023, it will hit almost around 666 million.

 We have entered a new era of the digital corporate sector and digital workspace. Both, the technology and the need have given rise to a new field in which career planning is more subtle and effective. The fact of people showing interest in the internet more than the previous years shows that people are realizing the significance of digital marketing and are showing curiosity in pursuing a career or knowledge in this field.

 The reason behind this career shift all over the world is not countable. Every newcomer in the field of digital marketing has a new story and unique reasons for the adaptation of this change. There are a very huge number of reasons and all can’t even be discussed but majors can be. The main reasons for digital marketing being the first choice of marketing enthusiasts are discussed below.

The Digital Era Revolution:

In the past years marketing was based on offline creativity and only advertisements were done on mass communication platforms. But after the pandemic, drastic growth has been witnessed on the Internet over the years especially. People are adapting to the new normal and in fact,

In terms of the job scope of digital marketing, there are diverse jobs available in the Digital Sector now and one of the extensive jobs includes Social Media Marketing. Furthermore, Facebook now has 320 million active users in India — a million more than it does in the U.S. — making India the country with its enormous user base and opening broad job opportunities for job seekers.

 Everything has taken one step forward to being digital and so has marketing technology. Driving customers online has grown in this digital era. Everything has come to digital platforms representing each of them and many people (not restricting to any age background) have taken marketing digitally as a career seeing the boom in this field and sorting their future priorities out.

 Also, a person who is interested in the area of marketing always tries to adapt to the new ecosystem. As an outcome, digital marketing becomes a pleading gesture to be followed.

Here are some reasons why one should choose Digital Marketing as a career option.


  • WHAT IS DIGITAL MARKETING: Digital marketing, in a nutshell, means the utilization of online-based platforms or other modern technologies for the promotion of a service or a product. Today, almost everyone is online and the number of people across the globe who have access to the internet has increased exponentially searching for career and business opportunities in the same.

     ● WHAT IS THE WORK OF A DIGITAL MARKETER: A digital marketer has to work creatively and precisely to address the need of influencing customers through digital mainly online platforms and master a wide range of tools and skills in order to stay updated on top of the ever-growing digital media channels and platforms.

     ● REQUIREMENTS: For any type of career to start smoothly, interest is the main decider. Many careers require specific but rare skills to be inculcated in order to succeed in that particular field. Similar digital marketing also demands skills but those are the basic ones that almost 90% of people possess

1. High demand:

As everything has come over to the digital platforms, there is a high demand for people who can operate digitally and can handle the marketing. Hence, the skilled people in this field carry a high demand as well as the potential to be a digital marketer in a reputed stage. Digital marketers have got their face and their demand has increased rapidly, leading to a growth in this career and increasing the number of reasons to choose this career.

 2. You are your own Boss:

Since you have chosen your career in digital marketing, you have entered into being your own Boss. Since you are marketing digitally, you don’t have to sit back at a particular place and operate. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer to operate from and you will be good to go from anywhere you want. You don’t have to grind in the 9 to 5 job and sit in an office and have routine work. You can sit back and work from your home without any hindrance and fixed schedules in the call.

 3. Skilled Growth Potential:

When you step into the digital world, you have a lot to learn both from the experts as well as from your work. You can learn many marketing skills online, such as email marketing, SEO, SEM, Social media marketing and identify where you fit the best and feel that you will be good to go. There is no end to learning digitally nor an end to earning in this field. Now when you are into it, you are all of it and be the master of any skill you wish to develop.

 4. A never off career:

Ever since lockdown got implemented, there was a tremendous shift of people towards the online industry and it will continue to increase. Digital marketing is a career that will never go off-board. It is a never-ending process for instance if a particular business stops, there are a lot many people sitting to hire you as their digital marketer. So this career would never go off-board as marketing never ends and so is your career. There is always a need for advertising and customers reaching some point or the other which would never meet an end.

 How has Digital marketing transformed? (Post-Covid Situation)

The covid situation has brought everything to an online stop. Everyone has to move to online and digital mode while working and hence digital marketing has served its importance in the covid era. It has exceptionally shown the need for a digital platform for a business as well as the

education sector. After a few years to the end of covid, still, things like a business would be operated online as the results are exceptionally well and the outcome boosts the business.

 As a career, digital marketing is in great demand as all businesses want to hire a digital marketer to market their products online boosting their economy, and also digital marketing as a career has boomed. Covid has given a new identity to the online marketing industry and as a career, it is the best option as of now to go for!

 Advantages counting on this career:

Digital marketing as a career has many advantages. The major being that this is a never-ending career option as the marketing of products or something like that does not meet any end. Digital marketing also holds the following advantages:

 1. Earning is much higher than investment: The marketing of products on a digital platform is much easier and cheaper when compared with other marketing methods. When the occupier will have to invest less and more demand is generated and a new career field gets nurtured.

 2. New experience every day: The clients of a digital marketer keep on changing. It gives the forum another valuable star that provides new experiences every day. Each client has unique demands and a unique style of working must be adopted in order to address the same.

In this career option, experience is very crucial and important. The change in the working environment and people is a tough thing to deal with but at the same time, it opens a gateway towards a new way of learning and enhancing skills.

 3. The demand for creativity: A career in which there is always a scope to learn and improve always remains in the top-notch list of youngsters and professionals. Such an area of work in which an individual can always enhance his work level and knowledge always promotes a person’s personality in a positive way. There is always a demand for new ideas and creativity in the digital marketing sector and this never allows it to go off guards


For any career platform if there are pros and cons also go hand in hand. The same is the case when an individual chooses digital marketing as a career, but here these cons can be used as learning and development instruments.

 ● The time required as an input when one starts as a beginner is a little more than expected but at the same time, it enhances the worker’s knowledge and understanding of the field.

● It might not be the right set of professional careers for a person who is not well exposed to long work hours and does not like doing a proper desk job.

● The field is majorly relevant to the people who are from a marketing or sales background or who show interest in marketing or sales. Moreover now people from diverse career fields are showing interest in this skill but a marketing background supports well while moving ahead.

● Digital Marketing is whole internet so if you are not used to surfing internet whole day and familiar with Social Media Trends, this is not the right opportunity for you


Keeping in mind all the aspects discussed above we can easily say that out of all the marketing strategies digital marketing is the most offering and promising one. Creativity is a never-dying demand in this career and as an outcome, there is always a demand for a better option. The pandemic created a boom over this front and this boom is visualized to increase gradually in the upcoming year.

The writer is Founder & Director, KeywordsFly.